Seven, More Than a Number
By Dave Hail | November 8, 2012, 11:14 pm

SEVEN, is it just a number? Hardly. More than any other number, the number seven has made its mark throughout world history... In Religion, Science, Literature, Music, Language, Culture... Even Geography. “Seven “ surrounds us. In the Seven Wonders of the World, Seven colors of the rainbow, Seven days in a week and the Seven continents on our Earth...

The list goes on.

In the Bible, the number seven holds particular significance and power. From the seven days of Creation, the Seven Virtues, the Seven Churches, Seven Feast Days to the miraculous Seven Loaves of Bread and the Seven last words of Jesus on the Cross, Seven appears over 700 times –54 times in the Book of Revelation alone. Acts 6:3 speaks of “ seven men of honest report” carry on the work of the Church. Seven symbolizes spiritual perfection, the perfect union of Earth with Heaven.

SEVEN, is MORE than a number. It’s a way of thinking… It’s a lifestyle… It’s an opportunity to participate with a special group of men, women, teenagers and children around the world who are making their mark on our world through the power of music.