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SPOTLIGHT: Amick Byram
By SEVEN | October 9, 2012, 6:59 pm

Amick Byram, a Founding Member of SEVEN, is not only a singer with quite a few credits to his name, (Moses in Prince of Egypt, Broadway shows, 2 Grammy nominations and much more), but he is also the President of Oodles World, a company producing faith and family products for the Christian marketplace.

Oodles World premiered their consumer products last summer at the International Christian Retailer’s Convention in Orlando Florida and they were a big hit. Church bookstores, independent retailers and the public have all decided that they like Oodles World products because of their high quality and creativity.

Amick is passionate about those two things, which is what immediately interested him in being a founding member of SEVEN.

“The high level of production value in the music we sing, and also the high caliber of all the performers of SEVEN is what sets us apart from many other singing groups, whether they are faith-based or not. It is important to do things with the highest level of excellence that you have possible in you. That is pleasing to God and appealing to man.”

Amick loves using his gifts at the highest level possible and his life shows it. Not only is he considered one of the top session singers in Los Angeles, but is well known in several other sectors of the show business industry as a person of credibility and quality.

“After all, what is better than using your God given gifts well and pleasing the giver of those gifts in the use and development of them?”

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